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6 1/4" Metal Devil™ Carbide Tipped Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades

Name Price  
Metal Devil 6 1/4" - 48 Tooth Steel Cutting Blade $43.39
Metal Devil 6 1/4" - 60 Tooth Aluminum Cutting Blade $39.05

Product Specifications & Information:

•  5/8" Arbor
•  4200 Max RPM
•  Fits Makita Saws
•  Steel Cutting Blades are recommended for cutting 1/4" and thicker materials
•  Thin Steel Blades are recommended for cutting materials less than 1/4" in thickness

The Morse Metal Devil™, is a new metal-cutting circular saw blade that cuts through steel as easily as traditional saw blades cut through soft pine 2 x 4's. Metal Devil™ blades combine unique metallurgy and a special tooth configuration to cut metal faster, cleaner and cooler than was previously possible. In tests it cut through 6" x 1/4" steel plate in an average of less than 12 seconds and 2" x 2-1/4" angle iron in less than 6 seconds. The tungsten and titanium carbide cutting tips virtually eliminate sparks during cutting and minimizes the transfer of heat to the material being cut. As a result, cut parts remain cool to the touch reducing the wait time required to handle parts between cuts. Metal Devil™ blades are designed for use with both cordless and corded saws from leading manufacturers.

The Morse Metal Devil™ works well in most professional quality saws, but reaches its full potential when mounted on special metal-cutting circular saws now available from a variety of manufacturers. The blade comes in five basic configurations for cutting steel, aluminum, thin steel, stainless steel and wood. The basic difference between each blade is the number of teeth as well as the shape and rake angle of the teeth. Blades used for cutting steel and thin steel have 0° rake. Blades used for cutting aluminum, stainless steel and wood have a more forward, positive rake angle and a more aggressive tooth shape. All blades incorporate TGT (triple chip grind) which maximizes life by sharing chip load between the teeth. This configuration creates maximum strength at each of the tip points while providing superior cutting tip toughness.

Morse Metal Devil™ blades are designed to fit standard arbor sizes of saws made by leading manufacturers such as Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Panasonic, Porter Cable, Ryobi among others.

Eye protection is required when using any saw or saw blade product !

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