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Amada Protector - Bi-Metal Blades For Structural Materials

Amada 1" Protector Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades
Amada 1 1/4" Protector Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades

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Product Specifications & Information:

Protector provides long blade life and prevents tooth breakage, eliminating excessive tooth stripping. It can withstand the shock of interrupted cuts, allowing for heavier penetration and faster cutting rates. Protector uses a broaching style set pattern designed to eliminate pinching, which prevents the blade from binding the cut.

• Matrix / M-42 High speed steel edge with 8% cobalt (HRC 67/68)
• Unique design positive rake tooth form
• Extra long life in interupted cutting applications
• Added resistance to shock and high resistance to tooth stripage
• Improved cutting rates on structural materials with low cost per cut

Recommended Applications

• Bundles, Structurals, Thin / Thick Wall Tubing
• Bundled Small OD Solids / Nested Angles & I-Beams
• Mild Steels, Aluminum Alloys, Copper Alloys

Product Availability

Blade Width Thickness 3/4 4/6
3/4" .035   V
1" .035 V V
1 1/4" .042 V V
1 1/2 .050 V / VWS V
2" .063 V V
V = Variable Positive Rake   WS = Wide Set

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